Discover How Golfers All Around Surrey Are Hitting The Ball Further, Cutting Shots Off Their Handicap & Playing Pain Free Golf With The Sam Golf Fitness Strength Training System

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Stop Wasting Time With Below Average Drives & A Handicap That Never Comes Down

Save Time

Reduce Injury Risk

Build Strength

Take out the guesswork and focus on hitting the golf ball further & getting your handicap cut in the most time efficient way possible using my tried & tested system for results.

Stop taking time off golf through injury and limiting the amount of chances you have to win a competition or get your handicap cut.

Turn up to the course with the confidence that your body will have both the strength & stability required to swing the club fast through 18 holes without worrying about fatigue or injury.

The Sam Golf Fitness Course Guide To Better Golf

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What They’ve Said

Pete wyatt

‘My overall health has improved greatly leading to incredible results on the golf course with a couple of competition wins and a cut in my handicap’

“I was a self-confessed personal training sceptic before we started but now my exercise time is one of the most enjoyable parts of my week. I am without doubt stronger, so much more mobile and my overall health has improved greatly leading to incredible results on the golf course with a couple of competition wins and a cut in my handicap.”

Mark Gouldsmith

‘I used to often leave the course miserable with my performance but not anymore’

“If you’re on the fence then don’t wait any longer. You are wasting time, dive in and get involved with someone like Sam. You will not regret it. I’m feeling fitter, leaner, more flexible & because I now have less of a belly I’m far more confident in myself. I used to often leave the course miserable with my performance but not anymore.”

Rob Smith

‘I’ve clearly increased my core strength & flexibility whilst also losing some weight’

“This was the first fitness programme that I’ve completed and I’ve got to admit to feeling apprehensive before starting with concerns that with my hectic work schedule I wouldn’t have the time and would inevitably end up not sticking to it. However, with the exercises being tailored to my level I found that they were more than manageable for me & over the course of the programme I’ve clearly increased my core strength & flexibility whilst also losing some weight”

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Are you a golfer who is fed up of below average drives, a handicap that only ever seems to go up & a body that’s too tired to play golf as often as you’d like to?

Or maybe you’re a golfer who appreciates the benefits of getting stronger but doesn’t know where to start & inevitably jumps from one thing to the next without making any progress?

If you’re nodding your head right now then a Sam Golf Fitness Tour Card is just the thing you’ve been looking for to finally play the standard of golf that you’ve always wanted

My name is Sam & I’m a personal trainer and golf ENTHUSIAST.

 To be honest with you I don’t remember the exact time I first picked up a golf club. My earliest memories of this sport are going along to caddy for my Dad on his weekly visits to the golf club for a whack & a tap with his friends.

I didn’t appreciate exactly what was going on at the time, I was too busy looking forward to getting away from the clubhouse & the group behind so I could hit some shots with my cut down 7 iron, but looking back on those days & experiencing them for myself now I truly value how much joy golf can bring to someone’s life.

 Sadly, despite being regularly told that I had the talent to be a single figure golfer, golf got neglected in my twenties as I embarked on some travelling, Sunday league football & all the other things a twenty something man does all whilst trying to make my way in the fitness industry as a personal trainer

After hanging up my boots around the age of 33 I decided to go “all in” on golf again and dedicate myself in all areas of the sport to see if I did indeed have it in me to play off single figures.

It took me less than a year to go from a 12 handicap to an 8 and it was then that I decided to take what I now know about fitness, learn from my many mistakes as a trainer and apply them to helping other golfers get the most out of their game like I did.

In my opinion too many golfers were:

Regularly injured and missing out on playing time & a chance to win a club competition or at least get their handicap cut

Not hitting the ball as far as they were capable and missing out on the opportunity to take advantage of that distance by shooting lower scores

Moaning & groaning that golf really shouldn’t feel as physically demanding as it does

All too often they were missing out on the many benefits that golf has for their physical & mental health because they didn’t have the energy, confidence or knowledge to do something about it

Meanwhile, I was continuing to get my handicap down as low as I could and regularly in contention come competition time

So I created the 

Sam Golf Fitness Tour Card

A personal training system that helps golfers spend more time practising & playing golf, gain yards off the tee and generally have a far more enjoyable time on the golf course by shooting lower scores and getting their handicap cut

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